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Urban Mobility Redefined

PikMe Transit

PikMe Transit is one of the world’s first peer to peer urban mobility and on-demand logistics platform that redefines the way people move around. A network of networks for fleet management solutions.

We offer PikMe as a platform so that you can run your business smarter and seamless! PikMe makes vehicle tracking, fleet maintenance,  passenger utilization and integration easier with a central admin console, an interactive user app, and a full-service driver app.

Why PikMe?

Get More Business

PikMe makes it extremely easy to go on-demand. Get much more business while serving veriety of on-demand needs like first & last mile connectivity, paratransit, office commute, special vehicles & rides, efficient will-call and much more.

Offer Variety Of On-demand Services

Other platforms like Uber are all about moving from point A to B whereas PikMe understands the need of on-demand. Offer variety of on-demand services with a click of a button, choose from a veriety of existing options or create your own.

Efficiency By Automation

PikMe unlocks the power of automation for your business. With PikMe, your business can benifit from reduced manual work hence reducing errors, Automatic ride allocation, routing, invoice generation and much more.


Interactive User App

One of a kind interactive user app for requesting rides and ride sharing

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Unique Admin Dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of Drivers and Users online, ongoing rides and more

Easy Set Up

Easy to set up drivers, riders and to manage rides


Automatic ride assignment makes it easy to manage large volumes


Geofencing (Area Management) feature enables operators to define zones with high accuracy

PikMe Studio

PikMe Studio integrates distributed systems in a logistics business into one unified layer for data exchange

Powerful & Future Proof

Transit Operations

  • Live Transit Vehicles Tracking on a mobile app over a P2P blockchain network
  • Dynamic Routing and Scheduling System
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Fare Payment System
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Management of moving assets
  • Coordinate Timed Transfer between routs, providers and modes
Fleet Management System
Womens Safety App

The Power Of Blockchain And AI

PikMe Studio

We understand running a logistics business is not just about moving goods or people from one place to another, it is much more complex than that. Running a logistics bussiness is like clockwork where hundreds of tasks and processes work together to run the show, but managing all these processes and all the data exchange within them, with distributed and disparate systems can be really complex, time consuming and can sometimes cause issues that take hours to crack which harms the business.

With PikMe Studio, you can now integrate all the business’s internal processes like HR, finance, ops and more into a unified layer that connects to PikMe fleet to allow seamless data exchange within various processes which enables the organisation to focus on the most important part of the business – User Experience.

Learn More About PikMe Studio

Enhanced On-Demand Transit Services

Specialized Services

Setup On-Demand, Enhanced Fleet Management Services on PikMe. Grow your business reach with specialized services like Late Night pickups, Para Transit services etc.
Specialized vehicles earn more, specialized drivers get more jobs, get freedom to set your own business rules, prices, services and quality management.

  • On-Demand Services (Late Night pick Ups, Expanded Services)
  • Micro-Transit Services
  • First and Last Mile Services
  • On-Demand Paratransit – Will call services
  • Flex Routes
  • Integration of Multi-Modal transit for seamless Urban Mobility
Womens Safety App

Safety At Its Best!

Pikme SOS

PikMe provides the world’s best safety by a custom built 3 Layer, Crowd Sourced SOS system which gathers help from Friends/Family, Nearby People/Users and Local Authorities all together.

  • In-Built Crowd Sourced SOS Feature
  • Setup a speed dial of friends & Family
  • Find the nearest response team from a P2P network with reduced response times

Learn More About PikMe SOS

Choose What You Use

PikMe is a fully customizable fleet utilization and management platform which can be optimized to suit perfectly with your business needs.
Fully customize the platform to suite needs, choose from a veriety of existing on-demand templates or create your own to offer a veriety of services and gain more business.

Area Management


Zone Settings










And Many More

How Is PikMe Better?

How To Join?

PikMe Transit

  1. Sign Up – Click Here
  2. Setup Your Zone with Default or Custom Rules
  3. Setup in & Out Payment Methods

Getting started with PikMe is really simple. We provide you with all the training and knowledge you need to run a successful business.

We Provide – Dispatcher Training, Driver Training, User Marketing and much more.

Vehicle Tracking System

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