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Evolving logistics with PikMe Studio.
PikMe Studio integrates variety of disparate and distributed systems and processes using the power of RPA and blockchain as a modern digital API making businesses and workflows agile, 100% flexible and extremely scalable.

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Powered By Blockchain and AI

PikMe Studio allows logistics businesses to to integrate all systems and processes into one unified layer that can allow seamless and highly secure access to information points to authorised entities, enabling seamless data exchange within the business and with third party partners. 

The Business Way Of Doing API

Everything can be achieved with just a little drag and drop. Use PikMe Studio to create detailed workflows, add blockchain at any point in the workflow to allow data access to a perticular task or activity in the workflow, define access rights to select entities based on identity information and much more.

Extremely Flexible And Highly Scalable

PikMe Studio is built to make flexible and highly scalable workflows. Define APIs anywhere in the workflow with just a few clicks, define access at a granular level, manage access to all external and internal departments with ease, all with extreme scurity and ease of use.

Integrate your core logistics business with internal processes

We understand running a logistics business is not just about moving goods or people from one place to another, it is much more complex than that. Running a logistics bussiness is like clockwork where hundreds of tasks and processes work together to run the show, but managing all these processes and all the data exchange within them, with distributed and disparate systems can be really complex, time consuming and can sometimes cause issues that take hours to crack which harms the business.

With PikMe Studio, you can now integrate all the business’s internal processes like HR, finance, ops and more into a unified layer that connects to PikMe fleet to allow seamless data exchange within various processes which enables the organisation to focus on the most important part of the business – User Experience.

How PikMe Studio Works

PikMe Studio comes as a package which can be integrated in the PikMe fleet or any other logistics application which further integrates with their ERP, Workflows, Data warehouse systems and more to integrate all these distributed systems into one unified layer that connects all the internal processes with the core business and allows seamless data exchange within various entities and departments with varying access to various information points that streamlines the whole business and allows all the systems to work as one, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the business as a whole.

Using PikMe Studio and the power of Blockchain and AI, any logistics business can effectively create large workflows with easy drag and drop features and add blockchain at any point, process or activity in the workflow to act as a point of access. This blockchain provides access to a particular task or activity in the process. In the extremely business-oriented environment of the PikMe Studio, businesses can define access rights to select entities or departments present internally or externally based on the provided identity information and the data that needs to be accessed very easily and with minimum coding.

This process creates a Smart Contract Stream (SCS), the business can then manage granular access to information points by giving 100% access to all the information points in the blockchain or by giving restricted access to particular information points to an entity.

This creates a key that can be shared with an entity or department, this key only reveals data in the selected information points and can not access other information of any sort, which makes this whole system highly secure and streamlined.
We call this the business way of doing API. with a modern digital API system like PikMe Studio, managing the huge amounts of data exchanges between various processes within or outside the business becomes easy, enabling the businesses to grow and focus on the more important parts of the system and grow.

Why Choose PikMe Studio?

PikMe Studio has a lot to give to any logistics business. It enables seamless data exchange within various entities and departments within or outside the business. The data exchanges are 100% secure and extremely easy to set up with drag and drop. Our modern digital API solution is extremely flexible highly scalable and very secure. Integrating PikMe studio with any logistics application is a breeze and can be done really efficiently, you can start creating complex workflows and data exchange points in no time.

Fast and Global

With PikMe studio, the data exchange that took days to process can be achieved in minutes. With a decentralized system, an authorized entity can access their designated information points without worrying about prior authentication and system compatibility.


Highly Scalable

Creating and managing large, detailed and highly complex workflows and data exchanges with PikMe is highly effective and efficient. Blockchain and AI make PikMe a highly stable and scalable platform to run logistics.

Extremely Secure

Blockchain provides the next level of security to the whole business and its workflows. All the data exchanges through any point in the PikMe Studio are 100% encrypted which removes any chances of a breach from any point.

Easy To Use

PikMe Studio allows businesses to create highly complex and large workflows and manage all its data exchanges through a simple but very effective drag and drop system with minimal coding. Simple, easy and effective!

Faster Time-To-Market

Seamless, secure and automated data exchange between multiple departments and systems allows a logistics business to greatly reduce the Time-To-Market for any service enabling a much better user experience.

PikMe Studio – Streamlining Logistics

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Delivering Efficiency And Scalability

PikMe Studio can help any logistics business to grow and scale immensely by simplifying and streamlining the integration and workflow of various distributed processes, systems, departments and entities with RPA, AI, and blockchain.

PikMe is highly secure, flexible, efficient and as simple as a platform can be.

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